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Chapter 1

Panthers P.O.V

I'm walk a round a strange new place. All I remember I was on a walk in kissteria then everything went black and woke up in this strange place. Their are so many lights and sounds around me and strange people all around. I know I'm not in the cosmic realm at all and I don't know where I am now. I was walking until I walk in to a man with blonde hair and before I fall backwards, someone caught me. I looked up at a man with cat like makeup. I thank him  and was about to leave when he graded my arm. I guess he saw the injury on my arm and I guess I don't know about. He gave me a worried looked. He told to me to come with him to get the injury looked at and taking care of. I tried to run but I was caught by a different man with demon makeup and brought me to a please that look more different then where a was. I looked at the suff around me and it was all new to me. When I wasn't looking the guy with cat makeup was checking my injure and taking care of it.

Catman P.O.V
Is and the kids are hanging around the park when someone walk into Frad. She was going to fall backwards but I caught her. She thanks me before turning to be on her way. I saw she was hurt on her arm so I graded her arm because I want to help her. She saw I was worried about her and she tried to run but demon caught her before. We took her to the infirmary to take care of her arm. She looked around like she has never been in a around stuff like this. When she was not look, I was checking over the injure and it was vary unusual. I cleaned it and bandage it up. I think its time to find out who new friend is.

I leaving a cliffhanger for now
Find out more in the next chapter


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